Thursday, July 24, 2014

Free MP3 of HONEST MISTAKE (Live in Toronto)

Photo by Simon Plashkes

I transferred my iPhone bootleg recording of “Honest Mistake” from Massey Hall in Toronto on June 10, 2014. It was a tribute show to Daniel Lanois that was produced by Hal Willner featuring a stellar cast of vocalists including Emmylou Harris, Martha Wainwright, Andy Kim, and I was fortunate to be the bass player in a house band of musical heavies. Hal included my song on his playlist for the night and I was thrilled and nervous.

Having just played Massey Hall a month before with Emmylou, I walked to center stage and someone yelled “Yeah, Pipe!” It was my turn to pay tribute to my musical brother. My “joke” at the top was due to the preceding act, a stunning performance of Daniel’s “Moondog” by an eclectic 10-piece orchestra of young teenagers.

Daniel  watched from the side of the stage and you can hear him jokingly shout, “Now? You come to the front now, Jim?,” which is a reference to me being buried behind the orchestra while singing three-part harmony with him and Trixie Whitley earlier in the set. Jazz legend Bill Frisell played the guitar solo and Doug Wieselman used his Rickenbacker to emulate Daniel’s original pedal steel intro hook. The two drummers were Steve Nistor, my cohort who played on the original recording, and Jim White from Dirty Three. And don’t forget the amazing Rob Burger on keyboards, who’s a little buried in the mix because he was on the opposite end of the stage. My phone was close to my bass amp, as you’ll hear—it’s raw and 100% live. Anyway, here is what was. Turn it up and thanks to anyone who listens! Jim